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【About X-academy】
The major responsibilities of the X-academy, are to cooperate with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), IEEE Harbin(Dalian)Section CIS Chapter and top universities from in and out China by arranging and holding slap-up conferences on mechatronics, applied mechanics, materials, computer science, information technology, business management, etc.. It creates and offers opportunities for experts, researchers and scholars from all over the world to present their technological advances and research results. X-academy owns a professional team formed by elites who are striving for developing Chinese academia and education. And the experienced key figures who have worked in the academia and education field are all graduated from famous schools and institutes both in and out China with Master or Doctor Degree . As a professional organizer for academic conferences, the X-academy will focus on international communication and cooperation among academia, education and culture all the time.

【Welcome to be ICSDWE2022 Conference Sponsors】

If you are interested in becoming ICSDWE2022 Sponsor, please contact us via cfp@icsdwe.org or +86-156 4059 5452.


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